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How to upload Mods

This guide will explain how to upload mods.

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This guide will explain how to upload mods. If there are any issues or if you need any help feel free to contact us.

Step #1 - Add Mod Page

step 01

Firstly you must navigate to the [Add Mod] button on the left side menu. That will take you to the Mod Submission page.

Step #2 - Add Preview Image

step 02

Next you'll need to upload a preview image for your mod. This image will be the Thumbnail that will appear in the mod browser.


Step #3 - Choose Mod Type

step 03

Choose the Mod Type that your Mod belongs to (Waves & Modes). This is very important to set properly. If not done right your Mod will appear in the wrong section and may cause it not to work In-Game.

Step #4 - Mod Name

step 04

Type in here your Mod Name, this will help players know what kind of Mod you're showing.

Step #5 - Summary

step 05

Next you'll need to write a summary that will show up under the Mod when selecting it. This will explain to the players what the mod contains.

Optional Step - Description

step 06

You have the option the further elaborate on the Mod in the Description section.


Step #6 - Next Step

step 06 1

Filling out this page is not required.

That's it for the Mod Infos, to move to the next step press the Save mod and Next Step button.

Step #7 - Image, Youtube Link etc.


This page is an optional feature. If you have an image or link to a YouTube video that can be used to describe the mod, please register here.

Registration of this information is not mandatory. You can go to the next page with [Skip step].

Step #8 - Upload ZIP File

mod step8a

mod step8 1

On this page you can upload Mod files.

You need to convert the Json file created as Mod to a ZIP file.

You press [select a file] and select a file. After that, press [Upload].

Step #9 - Check Uploaded

mod step10 1

mod step10 1a

Choose Files to see if the file has been successfully uploaded.

If the ID is displayed in the Mod file that you registered, the registration was successful.

The registered Mod can be downloaded in the game.

If you have any questions, please contact the official Discord #bot.


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I can upload the mod but it doesn’t work, is there anything else that can go wrong?